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We specialise in amecie.comOn-Demand Membership Management tools. You can simply upload your existing club data to run and manage your club - no matter how complex its structure. Its very simple and easy. You can be online in an hour, and your members can be utilisng your new portal instantly !

We offer a configurable synchronisation interface into Facebook and other social networking sites.

So Simple
Amecie is a web based system that becomes your database and allows your members to access and 'self-service' their details. We provide a seemless web-portal to your users with a completely different interface to each of your member types.
Online Admin
Administrators can match the complex settings of their club infastructure including mutli layered sub-clubs. They also have the facility to create their own HTML pages, and also have access to 100% of the user and system database.
This is a very powerful tool
Clever Data
Users can modify their own profiles online and can show or hide fields to others.
Access to fields can be restricted based on differing club membership levels and membership of which clubs.Track changes to user data, moderate fields at your discretion.

All data is defined and managed by the club administrator not us.

Its your data !
Total Service
We can be the missing piece to your management puzzle - we offer a range of services for your club. Built on a world-class infrastructure and delivered on the Internet, the components of Amecie work together seamlessly to deliver the core value of on-demand — the ability to manage and share information easily.
Easy Managing
Use the application to manage your membership easily. Group members into sub categories, assign other delegated administrators to manage these groups. asd
Simple Growth
Create and manage events for your members, allow other members to create and manage events.
Run your club shop to increase awareness of your club brand.
Target your newsletters to specific member types, using their interest profiles.

Your Club identity will become stronger.
Online Sales
Use the excellent built-in online shop to sell your merchandise. The shop provides a full "Shop Front" including order and payment processing, as well as Supervisory back end functions like shipping and stock levels.
Club Shop is included in the Amecie price!
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