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Amecie is the culmination of many years of developing sites for many different clubs. We discovered that the best products available on the market were just not good enough for most clubs, and that in some cases the database wasn't even owned by the club !

The product and its associated parts have all been developed by listening to our users - whatever they want, they have had. Managing a club, no matter how complex its structure is not rocket science, and our online application, makes it even simpler.

Amecie initially designed and developed its community management software as an alumni based website.

Since then we have gone from strength to strength and now cover all types of membership-based clubs. We also now offer a unique 'on-demand' based model where you can load your data to the site, and try the application out 'live'. There is no software to install, all management is done online.

Amecie is a UK based company, but is truely an internet company.

As a company we can also offer comprehensive club management services, helping you in running your club. These services are available on an ad-hoc basis :

  • Newsletter creation and distribution
  • Data Cleaning services
  • Mass-email production and tracking
  • Financial monitoring and reporting
  • Members "Welcome-Pack" management
  • Online Shop / Merchandising setup and management
  • Club Forum monitoring
  • Contact and Member support
  • Financial administration (subscriptions etc)
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