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The Extended Service offers the club committee the full set of managed services for their club. We will run your club in a professional, flexible, secure and resilient fashion. We will take the headache away of day-to-day online club management from creating new members right up to advising on merchandise and helping to organise events. We can offer the complete solution. Other areas of service may be available on request.

The Extended Service offering includes management of :

  • Creation of new pages
    • We will work with you to add new pages as and when required. This is eaily plugged into the existing website.
  • Regular updates to the homepage and news areas
    • It is vital that the site is kept 'live', and this is achieved by making sure the updeateable areas of the site are re-freshed regularly.
    • Management of the collation of news items
    • Homepage update management
  • Creation, collating, editing and distribution of newsletters
    • We'll design the template for your newsletters, in some cases for each of your subclubs too
    • We'll talk to your content writers and get updates to relevant sections
    • Manage the individual distribution lists
    • Distribute the newsletter on a regular basis
  • Forum administration
    • We'll setup the online forums section of the site - creating individual forum items for each club stream
    • We will monitor and manage the topics shown, the threads discussed and the text written
  • Shop and merchandising administration and sourcing
    • We are happy to work with you to map our 'shop' function to your existing processes, and will set the shop up accordingly
    • Create, setup and mange banking information for automatic payments
    • Monitor and manage stock levels and online ordering
    • Manage the process up to shipping to customers, and ordering of new stock.
    • Merchandising management :
      • Agree with you the types of items required
      • Source items (using our larger buying power)
      • hold and keep stock
      • ship items to members
      • increase stock levels
  • Database validation and maintenance
    • Provide regular database reports showing invalid data (eg invalid emails)
    • clean database of spurious characters
    • manage regular offsite backups
    • clean address details (eg keeping "town" in correct field)
  • Unlimited Support calls
    • We'll manage email and web support calls so that you don't have to
    • Direct customer contact using the address 'webmaster@yourdomain'
    • Provide the site administrator with read access to all calls made / status
  • Event management support - active and inactive
    • Provide your team with support for events that they are running
    • Email and web capturing of interest in events
    • Creation of online forms for each event
    • Manage online payments
    • Actively phone around members on your behalf to drum up interest
  • Competitions and Auction pages
    • Setup and manage regular member competition pages
    • Classifieds area setup and managed
  • Preparation of 'Welcome Packs'
    • When members join, a useful item to send them is a welcome pack.
    • We will design and manage the distribution of these to new members.
    • Ideal for taking on regular mass-joiners.
  • Advertising management
    • Work with you to understand the market space that your club is competing in
    • Provide ability for online management of advertisments provided by the club's sponsors
    • Manage potential new sponsors through the site
    • Align site with online advertising agents (eg googleads)
  • Moderation of fields / photos / images and forums
    • Where areas of site require moderation we will act as the moderator
      • Define moderator boundaries and rules with you
      • Moderate fields
      • Moderate photo uploads (personal)
      • Moderate photo uploads (albums)
      • Moderate forums
      • Provide report on who has required moderating
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